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    Unanswered: groupby expression in sql

    hi there,

    Item (upc, title, type, category, company, year, sellPrice)
    Purchase (receiptId, date, cid, name, card#, expire, expectedDate, deliveredDate)
    PurchaseItem (receiptId, upc, quantity)
    Stored (name, upc, stock)

    I have the following tables can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my sql statement:

    select title, company, sum(stock) as currentstock, sum(quantity) as quantitysold
    from item, purchase, purchaseitem, stored
    where purchaseitem.upc = item.upc AND purchaseitem.receiptID = purchase.receiptID AND
    purchaseitem.upc = stored.upc
    group by title;

    The user provides a date and a number, say n. The system prints a list of the n best selling items on that day, by all the stores. For each best seller, the system shows the title, the company, the current stock and the number of copies sold. The output should be ordered according to sales: the best selling item should be first, the second best will follow, etc.


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    Groupby Expression Error

    sorry i forgot to say that there is a groupby expression error.

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    Please read & follow posting guidelines as stated above.

    >there is a groupby expression error.
    Error? What error? I don't see any error.

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    'company' should be added into the GROUP BY clause.

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