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    Unanswered: Text oddity in report

    Good morning, all.

    I built a very small database to house exit survey results. Results are input by my assistant via a form. The survey is comprised of a numeric section, followed by three short-answer questions. I "formatted" the short-answer sections as "memo", rather than "text' fields.

    My problem is this: when I used the "group by" function in a query that pulls all comments together by semester and program, some of my memo fields then get cut off in my report. I have the correct number of records when viewing the comment query results in datasheet view, with the comments existing in their entirety. When I then skip over to the report, the comments are cut off.

    I know that I'm doing something wrong, but I cannot figure it out. I looked at the report prior to using the "group by" function, and all comments appear in their entirety. When I go into the comment query to "group by", using the semester as criteria, then the comments are truncated.

    I attached a screen shot of the query in question.

    Also, if it is just easier to set up a semester "parameter" for the report, I can do that, as well.
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    nah I think its a failry well known 'feature' / bug in Access, for get the workaround, I think it has something to with queries in Access. it may be that you need to explicitly pull the memo fiueld using a dlookup, or possibly a recordset in background

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    Thanks, healdem. I'm still getting to know Access, so I wasn't sure if this is something known (as in a bug/quirk), or something that I did.

    EDIT: Do you know if this is something that MS "fixed" for the 2007 version?
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