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    Unanswered: export to excelsheet with selected cells to be colored

    hello freinds !!

    i am exporting table1 to a excel spreadsheet.

    now my concern is as follows :
    1. the table1 shuld be compared with a new table2 with selected fields like field F5
    2. When u export the table1 to excel sheet it shuld be able to higlhight the differences of table1 and table2
    and show color cell values in excel sheet if the field exported from table1 differs then in table2

    hope you understood my point ...

    freinds i am clueless regarding this question.. have no idea / which way to proceed

    i would appreciate any suggestions given


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    Check the MS Access code bank (top of the access topic) and look for a post early on (page 1 or 2?) by pootle flump. Very good stuffs on Excel automation which will help you on the shading part.
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