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    Unanswered: maintaining color in access tables

    hello friends !!

    i import excel sheet into access table with colored cell values
    and make some changes in access and then export to the new excel sheet

    but when i export from access to excel sheet then i just get excel sheets without color'd cells

    so is there any way to maintain colors when imported into access and then retrive the same color'd cells when exported from access to excel

    any ideas would be appreciated !!

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    you could link the table rather than importing it.

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    When you link to Excel you link to the DATA in the spreadsheet.
    Colour is therefore not included.

    Do as Strakmann suggests or you might even be able to utilise pootle flumps Excel Automation stuff in the MS Access code Bank (which can be found in a sticky at the top of the access topic (on the first 2 pages somewhere methinks)). Anyhow, if there arespecial rules for colouring then no doubt you'll be able to bodge something together with that. But beware, it's not going to be easy!

    Good luck
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