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    Unanswered: PSQL V8 .vs V9 and beyond

    Good Afternoon All...

    I am looking for some opinions on Pervasive versions above version 8.7. My company currently runs Accpac with Pervasive and my main concern is speed. We are a small company, so the Pervasive pricing is good for us - we have max 10 users.

    Based on experience is v9 any faster than 8 or how about v10 over v9? I'm not looking for specific information just anecdotal evidence that anything runs faster than v8.7.

    Thank you in advance.


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    THe answer to your question is that it depends. It depends on what you are doing and how your application does it. I've currently got boxes running both V9.52 and v10.
    One thing that you do get with v9 and v10 is support. You can't call Pervasive with a v8.x question. And, if you find a bug in V8, it will not be fixed. If you find it in v9 or v10, it might and you might get an interim fix for the bug until the next service pack.

    WHat I would suggest would be to setup a test environment. Install your app with PSQL v8.7 and do some timing tests. THen uninstall V8.7 and install v9.52 (PSQL 9.5 SP2 and Update 1) or v10 and run the test again.
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