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    Unanswered: Could anyone share process to unload from DB2 Z/OS(Mainframe) and load DB2 UDB LUW?

    Hi all,
    I have a need to copy z/OS data and load into DB2 UDB on Linux and Windows Servers. What are the options that I have to accomplish this requirement. Please be kind enough to describe the steps in detail and if possible sample scripts will be very welcomed.

    My thanks and appreciation in advance.

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    First, set up the DB2 client by cataloging the DB2 z/OS mainframe database as a remote database. You will need a license for DB2 Connect to connect a Linux/UNIX/Windows client to a DB2 z/OS database. You can use the adminstration client, but if you don't have a DB2 Connect License, please note that DB2 Server ESE edition comes included with 5 user license for DB2 Connect.

    You will need to catalog the the DB2 z/OS database as a DCS database (see Command Reference manual for CATALOG DCS DATABASE).

    You may have to do a remote bind of the utilities (which is easy using the DB2 Client GUI) from the DB2 Linux/UNIX/Windows client to the DB2 z/OS database, and you will need an id that has bindadd authority on DB2 z/OS. This has to be done one time only for each version/fixpack of the DB2 client (or at least time IBM changes the client code).

    Once you are able to connect to the DB2 z/OS database from the command line on a DB2 Linux/UNIX/Windows client, then just do an export of each table to IXF format, and then load or import the IXF data back into DB2 for Linux/UNIX/Windows Server tables.
    M. A. Feldman
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    I recommend using federated access. On DB2 for Windows/Linux create federated database access, create tables on Win/Lin, declare cursor on nicknames and load from cursor into Win/Lin tables.

    I have done this a lot of times and I think it is the fastest way.

    Or even maybe you don't need to move the data, you may only need federated access... don't know what is your requirement...

    Try looking into this link:
    for more info. It is for DB2/VSE on zSeries moving data to DB2 LUW, but it should be very similar for DB2/zOS.

    P.S. Marcus_A suggestion is required to do federation.
    Hope this helps,

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