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    DFD's Vs Site Nav Diagrams etc


    Sorry if I'm in the wrong place altogether, but I'm designing an ASP.NET site with MS SQL 05.

    The coding aspect is no probs, but I always find it hard translating my ideas onto paper as designs.

    I'm doing a school project so it is compulsory.

    I am just trying to find out what diagrams I ned to produce exactly? And if you know of ny cool and preferably free tools to make them?

    Officially, the criteria asks for "content flow charts and "site navigational diagrams". Personally, I find it hard to distinguis from the two.

    But that asie, my idea of a flow chart, is just a hierarchical diagram in a tree structure, e.g.

    HTML Code:
    |     |
    1     2
    Etc etc.

    Is that sufficient? What other diagrams would I be credited for including also?

    Thanks guys!

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    Wink How to make flowchart

    There are 2 or 3 most populair flowchart designers

    1st is Visio : but its not free
    2nd option u can use is MS-word (add-in the draw toolbar )
    3rd Ms-powerpoint allso not free

    This 1 I just found (its free):

    other u can use paint or some other tool just to make a diagram.

    If you have troubble by distinguish the "content flow chart" and "site navigational diagrams", why not just type it in, in google and you'll find lots of stuff regarding the subjects.

    Good Luck

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    Cheers man.

    I downloaded SmartDraw and installed Visio from my Office 07 CD.

    Turns out however, that MS Word 07 worked the best for me!

    Don't like Visio! Yuk!

    Thanks again!

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