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    Unanswered: advanced queuing

    Hi All,

    Can someone please give me a brief idea about Oracle Advanced Queuing. I read some stuff online but I'm still not clear about the concept as to where it can be used.

    I'll be glad if someone can assist me in this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Why are you willing & expecting to read your answers HERE but unwilling or incapable of reading your answers from below?
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    AQ is a Message queuing system, somewhat like MQ Series. It allows you to post messages for recipients for asynchronous processing. The recipients can be in the same database (jobs...), in another Oracle database or in client applications, there can be one or more recipients, which can retrieve their messages on various criteria... The messages can be available as soon as they are queued, postponed... There are several message formats (Oracle Object type, RAW (binary data)...)...

    And there is a lot more to see in the documentation !

    If you want to know if AQ can be a solution for your situation, you can post some details and we will discuss of it.

    HTH & Regards,

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