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    Unanswered: Please Help Have a user enter a No Instead Of Access Assigning A No

    I'm trying to modify the following database for my own form but cant figure how to do it.

    See attached the main form in frmbatch

    What I want to do is if a user click on the cmdCreate batch a msg box will appear do you wish to add a batchNo If user clicks yes the frm called frmUserEntersBatchNo will appear so a user can enter a batchNo Manually and will assign that number instead of the primary key. If user click no the database will run as is.

    Any ideas.

    Thanks In Advance.
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    Originally another fine concept from Allen Browne.

    Attached is the Sample you supplied here with some modifications to accommodate what I think you are looking for. The Batch Number now accommodates Alpha, Numeric, and AlphaNumeric characters. The sample also contains the availability for optional User supplied Batch Numbers and Auto-Generate based off the last Batch Number saved via numerical insertion. All Batch Numbers will be unique and checking is done to ensure it.

    I have fully commented the bulk of the code I modified so that you can see what does what. Please read the code comments.

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