hi everybody
I've been working in the database field for 9 months
I started from very simple tables, to some sql stuff
And then I started studying SQL Server 2005 extensively until I took MCTS SQL Server 2005
During that time, I was building a database for a new company from scratch, and while I build it for them I keep on reading books and learning, and using this knowledge to upgrade the database
Recently, I could successfully migrate the back-end to SQL Server 2005, and after days of struggling I could connect the front end to it via ODBC in a LAN
My next step is connecting the database through the internet, so I just changed the server name in the DSN file to the address of the server, and opened the ports, but it didn't work....
Can you tell me what's the problem?
Is there a book that can help me do this thing?
I can buy any book and I have the will to learn, provided that I'll apply for MCITP Database Developer next months

Thank you..