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    Unanswered: qusetions about Control Center options

    Hi all, i have some questions can make sure correct answer , can someone help me ?
    Which of the following Control Center options shows the dependencies between a specific view and its tables?
    a. Customize Columns
    b. Show SQL
    c. Sample Contents
    d. Show Related
    I thought the answer is A but someone told me the answer is D . Who is correct ?

    Which of the following must be set up to allow the Control Center to view database objects?
    a. JAVA
    b. DB2 Administration Server
    c. ODBC
    d. Client Configuration Assistant
    And this one i tought there is no clint type like 'Client Configuration Assistant' so i choose the answer B. Is it right ?

    Thanks to you all in advance.

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    First one is D. Use the Control center to check it out.

    In order for the Control Center to see Database objects, you must have Java loaded at a minimum.


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    For first question:

    showrelated will give the dependancy of the table with view also it gives the Indexes, table spaces etc.

    not sure of customized coloumns.

    For second question:
    Client CA is nothing but Configuration Assistant. To view the objects, you can use Server.

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