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    Unanswered: adding a form to a menu

    I have never worked with menus, i have to modify an existing menu and add an item that item will load a form. I know NOTHING about menus, where is the object? i cant even find it, and how do i edit?

    i am using access 2000
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    you can handle menus from code or dragging & dropping in Access - using both methods on the same menu might cause some conflicts.

    search the existing code for CommandBarto check for code generated menu stuff - if you find it, you should be able to understand/copy/paste/edit bits of the existing code to add your new menu item and it's action.

    otherwise, here's a dragNdrop way:

    right-click in any menu: Customize

    in the resulting Customize dialog - Toolbars tab
    and scroll down to the bottom: there you should find the existing custom menu/toolbar - check it to display it (if not already displayed).

    still in the Customize dialog - Commands tab
    drag last item from the left pane onto the menu (adds a new main menu-entry)
    select File on the left and drag first item from the right pane into an existing main menu-entry (adds a menu subitem to exsting main menu-entry).

    now right click your new menu item - Properties
    in "On Action" of the resulting Properties window, type something meaningfull like mnuTest.
    in a module, create a
    Public Sub mnuTest()
    that does whatever you want to happen when the user hits the menu.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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