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    Unanswered: How to extend the length of user defined datatype

    Hi all,

    I have a user defined datatype which is mapped to char(15). After the system running for several months, it is found that the length of this type should be extended. But as there is several tables using this type, it is not a good idea to drop this datatype and re-create it. Would you share your experience to handle this case please? Many thanks

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    Hmm interesting. Im not big at sql, but i looked it up and there doesnt seem to be an option.

    you can't modify an exisitng user defined datatype, you can create a new user defined datatype and then use the 'alter table' command to change the datatype definition of a column from one datatype to another (presumably from the old user defined datatypre to the new one).

    Assuming you are just using the same datatype and its bigger ofcourse.

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