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    Unanswered: Scheme login can't access tables owned by scheme


    I've having some baffling problems with a java applicaiton!

    I have an application server called WA01 which used to access two tables on an MS SQL 2000 server via a scheme login. The two tables are:


    Both tables were owned by the scheme user, with enough permissions to read & write. The java application on server WA01 could happily read the data within the tables and write a bit flag back to each row.

    The MS database has been moved to a new server which no longer allows the java application on server WA01 to access the tables via the scheme login, the only way the java app can view and update the tables is by changing the owner of the tables to dbo. The new server is still MS SQL 2000, with comparible security settings.

    The java app keeps complaing of an unknown source when trying to access via scheme, is this a domain trust issue between the two servers? Any ideas would be welcomed. I'm not an SQL expert but have a good grasp of the security structure etc.



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    have you tried using sp_changeobjectowner to return ownership of the objects to the schema (not scheme) you desire instead of dbo?

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