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    Unanswered: setfocus on textbox on next record

    hi there,

    i have a main form, and a subform .. and when the next record is accessed on the main form, how do i get the setfocus to work on a certain txtBox on the main form?


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    You could try adding some code to the OnCurrent event of the main form.

    Private Sub Form_Current()


    End Sub

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    I don't need it done on a subform however.

    The problem is this ..

    I have a main form, and it contains just names of people.

    I also have a subform that contains action items for those people to complete (the subform is in tabular view)

    When I try to go to the next record (As in the next person), the textbox of that name disappears if my mouse cursor is on one of the action items in the subform.

    So basically what I'd like to do is to always have the cursor default its way back to the txtbox with the name on it.

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