I have an client application wich communicate with an server app via socket (with indy 10), when the client application execute: ClientDataSet.LOADFROMSTREAM() function delphi show the message: ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS xxxxxx. READ OF ADDRESS xxxxxx.
The problem here is that the error occur only in Pcs running windows 98 or Me, in windows 2K and Xp works fine.
Anybody know what happen here? anybody have any idea about to resolve this?.

In the server I savetostream(tstream,dfxml) (parsing to Xml)
the result dataset of a Query to a Mysql table.

Then, Here is the client code:

-- begin of code
cValue := tstringlist.Create;
//cReply is a String containing the xml structure/data
ExtractStrings([','],[' '],pChar(cReply),cvalue);
data := TStringStream.Create(cvalue.Strings[1]);
data.Seek(0, soBeginning);
with SQLMain do //<<-Client dataset where I wish to store
//the data from a table in the server
Active := False;
Active := True;<-Delphi stop here after A.Violation
Synchronize(pMainFormProcedure);<- Run other procedure
//after loading the data from server
-- end of code

Thats all!. This same code work without error in Win2K, Xp and 2003 server.

So, what could be hapening? I wonder is a win98 limitation? maybe need a patch? (I have delphi 6 with rtl patch and update ach2=
I have many days trying to solve this without success.

I hope you can help me on this