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    Red face Unanswered: different version of CR in same machine


    I have a problem with with Crystal Report engine components. I have a machine that is running a software that uses Crystal Report 6 engine and Crystal Report 8 viewer. Everything is working fine.

    Now, i have another software that need to run on the same machine, but this software is running on Crystal report 7 engine and Crystal 9 viewer. When i install this software, it will overwrite the earlier versions (Version 6 and 8). This cause the other software to stop running.

    Is there any way we can solve this problem? FYI, crystal is automatically installed during the software installation. I do not has the option to choose the path.

    Hope some1 can help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    wow, that is a mess. I would assume that as long as you aren't doing an upgrade but a clean install, you could get away with this, much the same way I have Office 03 and 07 on my computer right now.

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