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    Hi Experts,

    Could you help me in framing a query for the following requirement.

    I have a table called test with the following data

    id Name
    1 A
    1 B
    1 C
    2 A
    2 B

    My output should look like this

    1 A,B,C
    2 A,B

    Thanks in advance.

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    In sybase ASA, there is an aggregate function called list, which can give the output as required by u. The select query will be like below

    select id, list(Name) from test group by id

    Below link on List() function is as below,00.html

    List function produces a comma-separated list of all the non-null values in a column for each group in a GROUP BY query

    But if u r a sybase ASE user then there is no such aggregate function in sybase 12.5.x as per my knowledge and we cant create functions in sybase ASE 12.5.x also. so the better way might be to use a stored procedure

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    Thanks Parangiri for an immediate reply.

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