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    Hello Everyone.

    I've been doing some research on database information. My experience is very minimal.... I think about 10 years ago I did courses in MS Access 97 & MS Access 2000... but the information taught didn't provide much relevancy to real needs.

    Now I'm back.... I'm taking the following forum quote as good advise.

    Quote Originally Posted by amthomas
    Go get the postgres manual and read through it to get an idea of what a db does. It is one of the best manuals I have looked at. (not that i've looked at a lot hehe)

    You can get a basic idea of table creation, sql, admin..etc by skimming through it. And its free If you are still interested after looking through that then you could look into learning db theory more formally. The ideas are going to help you with whatever system you end up using.
    I'm just curious.... if there are any other recommendations out there? Learning material or suggested open source database applications that work with different OS platforms would be good to know about.

    Last question: Has anyone used Kexi?


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    wow.. taking my advice.. now that is scary haha.

    I am still new to all this myself, but I have found the postgres manual to be one of the best, of any type, that I have ever looked at. I love it!

    my only advice is personal and not technical... I have gotten frustrated with stuff and find it amazing that I just go to sleep and the next day I can understand it more clearly. Sometimes it just takes time

    I have not heard of Kexi.
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    Hi amThomas....

    Good to hear back from you. Thanks for the direction.... just looking into this database stuff again... but I want to do it from a general direction... this is why I was happy to see your post about such a manual...

    In regards to Kexi.... its actually a front end that could be used for MySQL or PostgreSQL... it seems pretty good... you can have a look at it HERE.

    If anyone else has some pointers... that would be awesome.


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