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    Unanswered: Video Database

    I am looking for a template, complete program or suggestions on how to make a database of my video files that would contain-
    The basic attributes of filename, date mod, size, etc).
    The video specific details bitrate, codec, playtime, framerate, etc. from GSpot or similar outside program.
    To be able to add multiple tags about the subject, source or genre of the file.
    To be able to sort or filter on any of the columns or tags.
    To link the entry to the location of the file.
    Accessing the db from a browser would be great.

    I know next to nothing about creating a database (edit- but need to learn anyway). I would prefer a prebuilt package if there is a cheap or open source one available.

    I have one copy of Access and I can try MySQL or other free/cheap software.

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