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    Unanswered: SHUTDOWN: waiting for logins to complete in oracle

    Hi Gurus,
    I getting this error message from last two months when I try to shutdown the database in a normal mode for a cold backup in the month end.

    For shutting down the databases and to take a back up we have one script runs in the back ground. After the shutdown command in the script for every five minutes i keep on getting the error message "SHUTDOWN: waiting for logins to complete." in .trc file and database doesn't shuts.

    The DB Version is 7.3.4 running on HP-Unix 10.20 and we make use of Host-UNIX openVMS to connect to the databases.

    Please find the attachment of the alertlog file enclosed in this mail.

    I assume that there was no users logged in at that time except the sysdba.

    How can i find out who all are logged in at that point of time on oracle

    Could you please help me in understanding this thing.

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    Select Username, Osuser,machine From V$session;

    Alternatively I always use
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    I agree with anacedent, I never use shutdown normal which will wait for every user to complete, which could be forever. I use shutdown immediate with will rollsback any uncommitted transactions and disconnects everyone.
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    Thanks to all.

    In addition to this i want to know all possible reasons for the delay in the shut down.

    Plese clarify.

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