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    Unhappy Unanswered: Populating radio buttons - Access vs. MSSQL

    Have recently migrated an Access database to MSSQL.

    The following code worked in Access but fails in MSSQL

    <input <%If (CStr(Recordset1.Fields.Item("Disclose").Value) = CStr("TRUE")) Then Response.Write("CHECKED") : Response.Write("")%> type="radio" name="Disclose" value="1">

    <input <%If (CStr((Recordset1.Fields.Item("Disclose").Value)) = CStr("FALSE")) Then Response.Write("CHECKED") : Response.Write("")%> name="Disclose" type="radio" value="0" >

    In Query Analyzer, when I run SELECT Disclose from TABLE, it returns the number 1.

    On an ASP page, when I run Response.Write(Recordset1.Fields.Item("Disclose"). Value) it returns TRUE.

    Have tried changing the = CStr("TRUE") portion to = 1 but it fails to work either way.

    Any ideas?

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    What is the datatype of the field? Bit?

    Assuming so, below should be fine (no need to convert both sides to strings:
    Recordset1.Fields.Item("Disclose").Value = 1
    If you still struggle I will move this to the ASP forum as it is not a SQL Server issue.

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