I have two files I would like to combine. It's all concerning about 2 000 old photos, which I want to present in a Powerpoint presentation in the end.

I have:

The photos are divided into 20 different folders and subfolders. I use FSO to add the file names to an Access database. I this database I want to add name of the artist, year, place and some more information about the photo.

In Access I also have a form where I can filter the data based on above information.

I also have an PowerPoint presentation. For the moment I have some VBA where I can add slides to the presentation based on which folder I want to show. This works fine - but I also would like to present the Access-data on the slide - e g artist, year and so on.

I want:

A way to interact between these two files: either use the filter from Access and create the slides or - preferably - a way to choose which fotos to show from a slide i PowerPoint, create the slides with the photos and information added from Access.

Is this possible?

(first time posting)