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    Unanswered: Difficulties creating a new form

    I am trying to display data from several tables in a form (in-house part # and description from one table and manuf. and manuf.'s part # from another table) and allow the addition of a user-defined note for each record.

    I've tried to create a table to allow storage of this note and I have created the connections on the Relationships page, but nothing gets filled into the columns of my new table.

    Should I create a query to collect the data that is in the tables? But how would I have a field for the new note? I actually tried doing it this way, but a problem I ran into early was duplicate entries (the part number is the same, but some of the descriptions are a little different).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    What are the relationships between the tables? What will the relationship between the Notes and the tables be?

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    Without seeing the relationships, it's hard to say much, but you could try using unbound controls and then using code to put the comments into the appropriate table fields.
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    generally speaking if you have defined the realtionships when you come to design the form you need to include a list or combo box which pulls its data from the relevant parent table. sounds difficult.. not reallyu

    open your form in design mode
    select a combo or list box.. doesn't matter that much which you choose
    follow the steps in the wizard.
    so you probably want to look up the values in a table or query
    you then specify that table or query
    select what field(s) you want from that table or query
    select store value in this field...... and specify what field you want to use

    thats should do the trick

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    I have found a solution to the problem; I created a column in the source table (out on the network). This prevented the need to create another table and try and combine all the items together. Thanks for your help.

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