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    Unanswered: Running programs using VBA

    I should preface this by explaining that I know nearly nothing of VBA. I have an issue that I'm trying to resolve, and all my clues are leading me to the impression that using VBA is the only way to accomplish my task.

    I am trying to integrate the ability to launch a program with command line arguments by clicking on a cell. More specifically, I'm trying to launch vncviewer, and point it to an IP address.

    the command line would look like:

    c:\program files\ultravnc\vncviewer.exe 192.168.XXX.XXX

    The only text the cells will have in them is the IP address to the machine with which I would like to initiate a connection, and I'm hoping theres a way to automatically pull that information from the cell and run it in the command. Is there a way to do this? Better yet, is there a relatively simple way to do this?



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    clicking the cell is a bit more complicated

    put a button next to the cell and do a shell execute on the cell.text

    For an Example, there are more then a million exampes on the web or in the help files on how to do this.

    see google on excel and shellexecute


    here's one with a diffrent angle but you'll general idear

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