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    Unanswered: 'Enter Parameter Value'

    I need to create output for the number of properties that have been sold for each property type e.g.

    Detached 2
    Terrace 1
    Semi-Detached 2

    I've created a sub query as follows:

    SELECT *
    FROM SaleProperty
    WHERE Status IN (SELECT COUNT (Status)
    FROM SaleProperty
    WHERE Status
    GROUP BY Type);

    Status means whether the properties are sold or not
    I'm grouping by the property type e.g. terraced, detached

    When I want to run it, a pop up box appears telling me to enter a parameter value. What does that mean?

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    It means that the query cannot obtain the value of a certain field or criteria. I'd highly recommend you avoid using a field called: status (or a field called: type). These are most likely reserved words and will give you problems at some point if it's not the problem here. I'd perhaps recommend: SaleStatus/PropertyType.
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    It's probably asking that because of your where statement

    Looks like status is a yes/no type field, so the value is -1 or 0.
    Select count(status).... will probably yield a number much different than -1 or 0.

    SELECT COUNT (Status)
    FROM SaleProperty
    WHERE Status
    GROUP BY Type
    could yield the result '27'

    So your query could end up trying to evaluate:

    SELECT *
    FROM SaleProperty
    WHERE Status IN (27);
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