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    Unanswered: MSaccess (well the data) on a PDA

    Can someone point down the right Track

    I want to take a PDA on the shop floor and do a stock

    I have the tables built it currently work in a lappe that to big

    I know I have to create a vb interface just need the starting point
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    depends on how you plan on doing your stock

    one possibility is to use a wireless connection to the PDA and use wepages, you may need to put in more than one wireless access point if the warehouse is big enough or awkward enough in terms of gettign a uniform signal strength. Also the security implications could be a little worrying.

    you could use a barcode scanner in the PDA in addition to the touch screen / key pad.

    I know you can get an embedded variant of SQL server.. but I don't think there is embedded Access

    Unless you need realtime information the other alternative I can think of is a flat file.. or arguably a series of flat files in blocks of say product number... most moder PDA's can rip through flat files very quickly. the problem would be if you wanted to search for a product by name or description.. that may take a bit longer.. but then again the delay may be irrelevant if you identify the product in the warehouse, search for the product on the PDA, then do the count.. the PDA will undoubtedly have found the appropriate record(s) long before you finish your count. I don't think you actually need the full relational db to work.. nor do I suspect that you will need the full product tabel.. if you are doing stock control you need the detail of the product (description, manufacturer, possibly their stock no, your stock no, and current projected stock. you don't need any proce information or other non critical (to a stock take perspective).

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