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    Unanswered: Using xp_write_file in Sybase 12.5.4

    I am using Sybase 12.5.4 on Windows 2003 Server.
    Are xp_write_file and xp_read_file Extended stored procedures available on 12.5.4.

    I tried to use these in stored procedure, it gave me following error,

    'Function xp_write_file not found,....'

    I tried running query
    sp_help xp_write_file in subsystemprocs. It shows 'Object does not exist in this database'.

    In Syabse Central, Extended Stored Procedures section doesn't list these things.

    Is it possible to use these in 12.5.4 or Extended Stored Procedure needs to be written for file handling?

    Can anybody help me? Thanks!

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    Those functions are in ASA I think, which is a totally different product than ASE. Try to read up on xp_cmd_shell. Maybe you could achieve it through that.

    But again, xp procedures are still not that great with ASE. So, you are better off writing any file read/writes from an app using say for eg., c, java, perl etc.

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    Using xp_write_file in Sybase 12.5.4

    Thanks for reply!
    You mean, writing extended stored procedure for reading & writing files would be better than using xp_cmdshell.

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