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Thread: -805 at COMMIT

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    Question Unanswered: -805 at COMMIT

    I'm running DB2 V8 on zOS in a batch environment. After inserting a few rows I get an -805 when I try to COMMIT. My monitor tells me that the program involved is the one I expect but without the first letter (!!!!). The consistency token not found is greater than expected (not even a package just bound would have such a large contoken). TIA.

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    anyone can help him???

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    Yes, why not. But how about some details on the scenario like:
    - which DB2 version is running
    - which SQL statements are running in the transaction
    - how exactly are those statements executed
    - what's the exact output?
    - how exactly was the package bound?
    Basically everything that would help others to understand the situation beyond the current "something doesn't work" state.
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
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    stolze is The good guys,thks lots.hehe!

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    The description of the problem doesn't make complete sense. DB2 will return a -805 following an attempt to execute the first SQL statement. You should be getting the -805 on the first INSERT, not on the COMMIT following the INSERTs. I suppose it's possible that the error messaging isn't working quite right or the COMMIT might be the first SQL attempted.

    There aren't all that many root causes for a -805. The most common is probably not running a bind after a compile and link edit. Your bind might be referencing the wrong DBRMLIB. You could be referencing the wrong STEPLIB/JOBLIB. You could be referencing the wrong plan. Your plan might not include the package in the PKLIST. You didn't mention if the run unit is 1 program or several programs. If several, you might be calling a module that isn't listed in the PKLIST.

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