There isn't a forum for SQL Server Express so I am posting in this one seeing as Express is a stripped down version of SQL Server anyway.
My question is that I want to know how I get SQL Server Express to use a proxy when connecting to a remote server?
I have SQL Server Express 2005 installed on my laptop.I connect to the internet on the laptop by a proxy.
My desktop has a satellite service called skyDSL which allows me to use satellite to dial-up to the internet. There is a way of configuring it so other machines can connect to it by proxy. You simply connect a crossover cable between the laptop and the desktop and then enter the proxy address under "Tools-Internet Options-Connections-Lan Settings-proxy server"
I have been trying to connect on the laptop to the server that holds my sql server database ( through SQL Server Express with no success.
This is obviously because the laptop is not directly connected to the internet but by proxy.
I have been changing the settings on sql server configuration manager (I have SQL Server Management Studio Express installed) to make it use the proxy but with no luck.
I am wondering is it actually possible to use a proxy on SQL Server Express is it only possible on the full version?
Any replies appreciated.