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    Unanswered: Transaction Log Management


    I'm new to MS SQL and would like to get your opinion on how it's possible to automatically manage transaction log growth. I've read the following on the topic:

    "When Microsoft SQL Server finishes backing up the transaction log, it truncates the inactive portion of the transaction log. This frees up space on the transaction log. SQL Server can reuse this truncated space instead of causing the transaction log to continuously grow and consume more space. The active portion of the transaction log contains transactions that are still running and have not completed yet."

    I'm backing up the transaction logs on a daily basis. Still one of the logs grew up to 130Gb even though I have shrunk it in the past. How can I manage the growth automatically without shrinking the log files manually every time they grow beyond a certain threshold?

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    u can issue a dbcc command after the completion of backup.

    dbcc shrinkfile ('log-file-name' , 0, TRUNCATEONLY)

    also can check the size from

    select size from sys.database_files

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