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    Unanswered: How to convert an mdb to sql?

    How do you convert an mdb ( MS Access Database 2000 ) to a sql file ( mysql )?
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    easiest is probably to use a tool such as dbtools

    export the DDL

    or failing that there is the long way round using something like MySQL Administrator to create the ctbales and columns manually

    dbtools does a fair job of exporting data and structure.. but doesn't do a 'perfect' job.. the assumptions it makes aren't neccesarily the best solution.

    exporting the DDL like wise

    re-creating the structure in MySQL adminstrator is probbaly not for the newcomer

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    Pervasive Software has some data tools you should look at. You can convert each table in Access to a new MySQL table as long as the MySQL database has been created. It also does a pretty good job of automatically converting data types where they differ. Here's a link to the Pervasive DataTools site. Try the UpLoader to MySQL. I think you'll find it useful.


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