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    Unanswered: Firebird on Fat32

    I have developed an application in C# which uses Firebird as a Database. I tested my Application on different Versions of windows using NTFS. Just to show my work to a fellow i sent it to him, he was using Windows Xp Under Fat32 File System.

    In the DB folder of my application, I found a file names Firebid.txt that has the following content.

    TORINO-B2FB10B9 (Server) Thu Dec 13 10:11:07 2007
    XNET error (xnet:2321) XNET server initialization failed

    I suspect its because of Fat32 Filesystem which may not be supporting Firebird Database.

    The Bottom line is : are there any reservations for using Firebird on a Fat32 File System?

    I have setup the envorinment on a Fat32 file system to debug it.

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    Well, FAT32 is inherently more prone to failure and corruption than is the NT file system. It's just going to fail, unless you regularly defrag, chkdsk, etc. And even then, it STILL can go belly up.

    I wouldn't recommend it's use in any application where reliability is an issue.
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    Thumbs up FireBird on Fat32

    I came to know that Fat32 does not support UniCode characterset in filenaming. I had to Modify the Connection string for Firebird Db. Earlier it was UniCode_FSS which was only working for NTFS. Now I have changed my code as After detecting the current envorinment/FileSystem, I create another connection string that has CharacterSet as ASCII and It works Fine.

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