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    Unanswered: Changing something when changing to new rec

    Is there a way in Form view to identify that something has been changed to a new record either by scrolling the mouse or by search button?

    I'd like to do a simple...

    Me.WhatCategory.Visible = False

    ...when changing to a new record.

    Looking through the event list on the entire form. I don't see a "On Change to new Record" which is what I really need. Or is it named something that I'm just not seeing?


    Shoot, no way to delete. I just figured out it is the On Current which I'm already using to display it when its needed to, just in the other cases I need to tell it to hide. Brain fart.

    Can you delete a thread you posted?

    Sorry for a dumb post.
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    You can test if the autonumber field is null - if isnull(me!MyAutonumberField) then... or utilize the if me.NewRecord then...

    (in the OnCurrent event)

    Not a dumb post.
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