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    Red face Unanswered: Page formatting in PL/SQL or SQL

    Trying to set the page size and linesize in a query.
    Using Oracle 10g
    At the SQL prompt I typed help index and saw 2 commands that might work but unable to successfully make that happen.
    I have used SQLPlus extensively and it has a function called pagesize linesize but this version of Oracle will not let me use it.
    Sorry for the long text.
    The query returns data too large for the default linesize and I get wrapping.

    The 2nd part is I am using a decode function that the string is too large for the line, etc.

    It goes like this
    Select patid,key
    from name of database table
    where tag in(34,158)
    group by patid,key
    tried adding the substr in the decode clause and got an error unknown command

    As you can tell failrly new at this.
    Plz, any assistance would be appreciated

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    > but this version of Oracle will not let me use it.
    Please use CUT & PASTE to allow us to see exactly what you are doing & how Oracle responds.

    I assume that the length of the returned line is longer than the width of your terminal window; which gives the APPEARANCE of line wrapping.

    I can assure
    works as documented.
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    Red face

    Will have to wait till Monday. This happens on my work computer.
    Thanks for the quick reply.

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