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    Unanswered: Full Text search is not returning any row


    I have installed SQL Server 2000 with SP4 on a Windows 2000 Server with Full Text Search component.

    I have created one Full Text catalog on three text columns of a table. But, when I am issuing a SELECT SQL with CONTAINS in SQL Query Analyzer, it is not returning any row.

    I am not getting any clue why Full text search is not working since it is not returning any error.
    Following is the SELECT command what I am issuing:
    SELECT * FROM postingdetails
    WHERE CONTAINS(pd_t_postingtitle,'web')

    The column, 'pd_t_postingtitle' contains the word 'web' in 4 records.
    Therefore it should return 4 rows. Instead, it is returing 0 rows.

    I hope some body must have faced a similar problem and can help me out.

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