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    Unanswered: Simulate a row change in the replication table

    I have a merge where the subscriber can do changes to its tables ... But as I found out the changes are made only if publisher simulate an row change or changes something effectively
    I'm not sure that at every replication the publisher table would be changed so i need something to simulate a change in the publisher table
    Can anyone please help me with this ?

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    Although this is a SQL 2008 article (ugh), the sp is available in 2000 and 2005.

    Having said that, I re-read your post and it does not make sense. If the article is properly defined and properly published, then when the subscriber makes a change, the change should be merged at the publisher during the next update.

    Some exceptions:
    a. You created the subscription, but chose the option NOT to initialize the subscriber (ie, the subscriber already had the schema and the data). If the subscriber has rows about which the publisher knows nothing, then an update at the subscriber won't be replicated.

    b. You created a horizontally partitioned publication and the subscriber is not defined in the partition.

    Merge replication can be devilishly tricky. The devil is in the ROWGUID.


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    simulate ...

    just to mark this post as resolved ... although no one bothered to help ... but maybe I help others who have or will have this problem

    the solution was a script executed on the publisher database before replication ... so on the replication agent ... jobs ... mypublisher ... proprieties ... steps ... new ... insert the next script and configure a little bit

    update table
    set table.column = table.column
    from table;

    you should mark the replication to start with step 1 ( the step you created ) becasue the agend starts with step 2 ( the step that was no 1 before creation of your step)

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