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    Exclamation Unanswered: Invalid Argument when saving?

    I'm trying to modify some of my queries, and now I can't seem to save them. Any time I try I get a popup message saying simply Invalid Argument. There is no other explanation. This just started earlier tonight (I could save without problems earlier). It's possible that it is related to the problem that I posted here: Cannot backup table (Sybase error?) I kind of doubt it, though, since this saving problem didn't come up until hours after the table backup problem.

    Any ideas about why this is happening?

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    Aha...the file size seems to be the culprit. We haven't run our cleanup yet. Looks like it's time to do that. I think perhaps this really could be the culprit in the other problem. It would have cropped up sooner since I was working with much larger file sizes. I'll let you know if that was the problem on the other thread.
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    O.O How big is the file?
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