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    Unanswered: Problems getting samples to show up in the correct forms after adding them to tables.

    Basically we have a database where samples are booked in for analysis and there are different analysis types. We then have a worklist (form)with all the samples in when they are not completed and when they are they disappear from the worklist but are stored in a very similar archive form.
    When I added a new analysis type it work perfectly but none of the original analysis type are working now (i.e. they add to the respective tables but do not show up in the worklist form or the archive form).
    If I delete things from certain queries I can get them to appear in the archive form only and the new analysis type shows up with 'name?' in the archive form (they sit in the archive form and the worklist form as 'No' and when completed this turns to 'yes', which means it is no longer in the worklist form as they only show up in this as 'no') If I completely delete the new analysis type tables and delete it from all the queries all the others work again. There must be a way around this.

    This probably make little sense with out having the data base in front of you, but if anyone has the time to help I will happily email a copy of the database to look at.

    I hope someone can help me, this is driving me mad!!

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    me.requery will update the form with the new info in the table
    me.refresh will update the datasource (e.g. table) with what is currently on the form.

    Try looking at those commands.

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    Hi, Thanks for your help.

    I am having no problems getting the samples added to the table. But on a form the fields that say whether a sample analysis is complete (yes/no) does not show on the form? Normally the Worklist form shows all the samples but now it only show one analysis type and the others don't show up, but they are in the tables.

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