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    Is there dbms that can do conditionable replication

    Is there dbms that can do conditionable replication ?

    I'm surveying DBMS for selection replication.

    I found one. sybase's WHERE clause of "create subscription".

    but I couldn't find else other things..

    Oracle has function like this?

    Let me know, plz...

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    First off, before I discuss the technical options you've got, conditional replication is a bad idea in 99% of the cases. It should never be used for anything other than purely read-only reporting copies of data that is maintained elsewhere.

    IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle can support condition replication to some degree, but I don't think that any of them provide any technical support for the process. There are third party products provide more vigorous support.

    I wouldn't consider using conditional replication for business use, there are other forms of professional suicide that are cleaner, faster, and less painful.


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