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    Unanswered: commas

    I am again having problems with these damned commas, they seem never to conform to my knowledge.I tried to convert the otherwise good and working update query into an sql but i got red colours showing that Access does not accept my commas.I tried with single commas ' or with double commas """" but obviously i jumbled the commas up with no result.Would you help me convert the update query below into an sql ?

    UPDATE products SET products.items5 = DLookUp("Diff","qryNetDiff","ProductID=" & [ProductID])
    WHERE (((products.Productid) In (SELECT ProductID FROM qryNetDiff)));

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    UPDATE products 
    SET products.items5 = qryNetDiff.ProductID
    FROM products INNER JOIN qryNetDiff ON products.ProductID = qryNetDiff.ProductID;
    That should be more efficient ASSUMING your query does not render it non-updateable (e.g. if it has aggregates in it). BTW - those are called quotes\ double quotes (or apostrophes) not commas.


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    agree with poots, but fo the record...
    if you are getting confused (or the compiler/IDE is getting confused) consider using chr$(34) which returns the ascii character 34: "

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    I just convert double quotes to single quotes and then enclose the whole thing in double quotes. It's worked for me every time

    "UPDATE products SET products.items5 = DLookUp('Diff','qryNetDiff','ProductID=' & [ProductID])
    WHERE (((products.Productid) In (SELECT ProductID FROM qryNetDiff)));"
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