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    Unanswered: Need Help Connecting to Database

    I am trying to connect to my database that my web host set up for me. Here is the information that he gave me.

    The MySQL database is all setup for you to use.
    > Database server: > Database name: > Database user:
    > Database pass: *******
    He did tell me this: If you are connecting from your own PC, or any other computer you will need to reference the database server with
    I ping the database server and it just times out.
    I go thought for my web hosting, if that helps.

    Any help would be nice.

    I am using MySQL administrator program?

    This what I have in MySQL Query 1.2.12
    Stored Connectionerver Host:Port:3306
    Then in the Options under connection Parameters I have:
    Hostname:Port: Everything else I left alone. Did I put the right information in the right places? Help this helps me get connect to my database.
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    you need to talk to your ISP / Web Hosting service
    you need to find out what mechanism they want or are prepared to let your use.
    it depends on what security settigns they have determined

    some ISP's (well most that Im aware of) will not allow direct access to their data servers, you usually have to go inthrough a proxy program or applciatrion on their servers. There are a few ISP's Im aware of that will allow direct Access from remote workstations, but these ISP's require a fixed IP address, not Proxy servers.

    So its not really a MySQL problem in my vioew.. its how your ISP has set it up. they should be able to provide at least one mechanism for you to maintain your data.

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