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    Unanswered: Import data to be used in dropdown validation list.

    Hi there,

    How would it be possible to make my spreadsheet automatically import a file every startup, then use the data in the file to populate a dropdown list used as a validation rule for my data input fields?

    I can make the spreadsheet import data.
    I can make a list be used as the validation rule.
    I just can't make both.

    What I am trying to do is create some specific framework that can be reused by copying the spreadsheet and the configuration file, altering the data in the configuration file, and then be easily ready to use.


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    Howdy. The individual parts that you can do, are you using VBA for this? If not, that will be the first step: write the code to do each part. Then you will be able to piece this together to get what you want. Can you post the code you have already?
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    In fact, I was importing data into a new spreadsheet with the built in tool. Same with the built in data validation list.
    If this can be done with VBA though, I wouldn't mind to look into that.

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