Hi all

when i am trying to get visual explain for a big complex query i am getting the following error

DBA3065E Snapshot cannot be processed due to a CLI error.


A CLI error has occurred during snapshot processing. An access plan
cannot be displayed.

User response:

Check the CLI configuration by issuing the following command:

db2 get cli cfg
for section <db-name>

If LONGDATACOMPAT is set to 1, try cataloging the database with a
different alias:

catalog db <db-name> as <db-alias-name>

Set LONGDATACOMPAT=0 for the database alias:

db2 update cli cfg for section <db-alias-name> using
longdatacompat 0

Submit the query for EXPLAIN in the alias database.

If LONGDATACOMPAT is not set to 1, or the parameter is not being set in
the CLI configuration, contact IBM Service.

but when i checked with the command db2 get cli cfg for section <databasename> i could just see the alias name of the database.
i donno where this LONGDATACOMPAT is present.

i am using V9.5 administration client. and the database is on V8.2 FP7 on solaris.

please can you suggest any advise on this problem and how to overcome this error.