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    Unanswered: ANT Script: Protecting passwords

    On a Windows platform, I have to create an ANT script that executes several SqlPlus scripts. I've selected sqlplus to do the job so the command line will be in the form of : sqlplus uname/passwd@database @scriptname.sql

    The problem is that I'm not a big fan of putting passwords in script files. So I've constructed a build.xml with my sqlplus command line and all of it's parameters but I want to keep the passwords safe. I need to get them from some other file. Preferably encrypted! I've thought that I could set them in the environment, but thats not really much more secure that keeping them in the script file.

    Anyone out there know of a better way to keep passwords safe and at the same time have the ability to pass them to an ANT script? What are the "Best Practices" for this sort of thing?

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    >What are the "Best Practices" for this sort of thing?
    Do NOT use passwords, period.
    The scripts should be run directly on the database server system using Operating System Authentication & then no passwords are required.
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