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    Unanswered: MDX To retrive value of dimension for calculated member?


    I have this problem.

    Fact Table:
    -Payment (measure)

    Dimension : Date

    Dimension : Type_of_Money

    Dimension : Factor_Money

    How can I to retrive the "Factor" of Dimension Factor_Money for some Process_date and to use on calculated member ?, because I need to do:

    calculated member = Payment (measure) * <<Factor of Process_date>>

    I like that the user to check of date of process from dimension "Date" and the OLAP to retrive the "Factor" for that date and I can to use on calculate member. And the user to check the "Code of Money Target" from "Type_of_Money" dimension.

    This is the Schema : To see atachment.

    If they are some help to my........ Thanks a lot.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails schema.bmp  

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