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    Unanswered: SQL Error -1811 & -27000 for multithreaded application


    We have a single threaded application having interface with Informix database. I made it as mutithreaded and while running my application I am facing below issues. Can any one help please?

    Here is the architecture of my application:

    1. A main thread will aquire a database connection and execute some SQL statements also.

    2. The above main thread will also create few threads while it is initialzing.

    3. Each new thread will start running continuosly and execute few SQL statements. In this these child threads I am not opening any new database connection. I thought these child threads will make use of the same database connection only.

    But getting below error:
    $ finderr 1811

    -1811 Implicit connection not allowed after an explicit connection.

    Once you have used the CONNECT TO statement to establish an explicit
    connection to a database server, you cannot use one of the DATABASE
    statements to connect implicitly to another database server. After an
    explicit connection, you must use the CONNECT TO statement to connect
    to other database servers.

    Then I opned a separate connection in each thread again. Here also no luck.
    Getting below error:

    $ finderr -27000
    -27000 Cannot support multiple connections over shared memory.

    An application cannot use the CONNECT statement to make more than one
    connection that uses shared-memory communication (IPC).

    Ensure that the application makes only one shared-memory connection at
    a time. If the application must use concurrent connections, the
    database server administrator might need to change the connection type
    (as specified in the nettype field of the sqlhosts file) from a shared
    -memory connection to a network connection.

    Waiting for your reply.


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    Please change variable INFORMIXSERVER to connect via TCP/IP


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