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    Unanswered: Print form as it appears on the screen (Was "Query related issues")

    hi all...

    this is my first post here. and i come to u all with a problem.

    i have this form that i want to print out as a page. this form however shows sum total of different variables and includes sub forms also. is it possible to print out exactly what comes on to the screen in the form??
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    Most of us don't print forms. Create a report that presents everything the way you want (perhaps with subreports). You'll have a lot more control with a report.

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    Print Form

    Welcome to the forum.

    Open your form in the normal data entry mode.

    Select File from the menu bar at the top
    then select Print Preview

    This will display your form for printing, using Page Setup you may have to adjust the margins and Orientation e.g. Portrait or Landscape.

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    Agreed with pbaldy.
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    thankx a lot u guys for the replies. as pbaldy and StarTrekker pointed out.....i have found out the use of subreports and so that solves my problem for the time being...

    thankx again

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