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    Unanswered: Remove 0's & Show null values...

    Ladies & Gentlemen:

    How do you remove zeroes from showing up in stacked bar charts?

    Or make null values show up in graphs?

    Do you folks understand what I am talking about. I have seen others ask these questions previously, but am not sure if anyone has posted an answer yet.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Not sure if this is what your after but

    In design view - click on File on the menu bar and select Report Options

    Uncheck the option that says "Convert other NULL Values to Default"

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    If all else fails, you may want to look at our CRChart 3.1 add-in library for CR ( which has some of the support you're looking for. The very very latest version (3.11) which is available by contacting customer support, but not yet on our webpage has some new macros for hiding the 0.0 values on stacked bar charts in particular.

    DISCLAIMER: I work for the company that makes this product. This product costs money.

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