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    Unanswered: dump transcation log with automatic

    Hi... all

    I'm Newbie in database, i want do some think with my replication server, exactly for my RSSD device, because device for my RSSD it's not Huge. how to do that when the device grow up and full.


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    You need to create a new device if your current device is all used up.

    To create a new device, first find space. It depends whether you are using raw or filesystem.

    Once you find space, you create the device using 'disk init' and to extend the database you use 'alter database'.

    Please read up on these commands.

    Just checked the heading and Im a bit confused. If you are looking to do automated log truncation in checkpoint, you need to set-up the db option 'trunc log on chkpt'.

    sp_dboption 'dbname','trunc log on chkpt',true
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    Thank's for answer my question trvishi... I'll try and looking for from sybase

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